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HAve you just Received your new PC and wondering

what to do first?

First of all, thank you for purchasing from AES Tech Gaming!

If you have just received your PC, please follow the steps below:

  • Carefully unbox your New PC, please make sure not to destroy either of the boxes when opening your new PC in the rare case there is an issue and your PC needs to be returned.  We also suggest if possible keeping all of the packaging incase you need to have warranty work performed.

  • Once you have your new PC out of the Packaging, you will notice that there is internal packaging inside of the case. Remove the Side Glass, and carefully remove the packing, and set aside with your boxes.  We ask that you inspect the power cables going into your motherboard, and graphics Card, and make sure that neither came loose while removing the packing or during shipping(make sure they are firmly secured by giving them a push into their respective slots.  We also suggest giving the memory sticks and graphics card a slight push to verify they are still firmly seated into their slots as well.

  • Inside the accessories box you will find various component manuals, Power Cable, WiFi Antenna(if equipped), and extra SATA data cables/PSU Cables.  Plug in the Power Supply Cable into the power supply, mouse/Keyboard and other USB devices into the back of the motherboard, or front case I/O.  Monitors should only be plugged into the Graphics Card, and we suggest using display port cables as they offer increased speed/bandwidth.  Your Graphics Card ports are located about halfway down, and aligned Horizontally as seen below:

Where to plug in Monitor to PC
  • Make sure that the switch on the Power supply is turned to the "I" position, and you are ready to turn on your new PC.  Push the Power Button on the Top/Front of Case and your PC will soon boot into windows.

  • We do not set a password to the PC, and by default your PC is set to a local account "New PC".  We suggest clicking on the windows icon on your taskbar, and logging into or creating a Microsoft account and setting a PIN to your PC.

  • If you have a NVDIA Graphics Card we recommend that you create/login to the Nvidia GeForce Experience app on your desktop, and set the graphics drivers to update automatically, this will keep you on the most recent drivers and avoid game crashes or poor performance due to lack of driver optimization.

  • AMD Graphics Card utilize AMD Radeon Software(located on taskbar).

  • Next we suggest right clicking anywhere on your desktop, and selecting display settings, then advanced settings, and verify that the resolution and refresh rate are set to the maximum value per your monitor specs to give you the best gaming and viewing experience.

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